THT's history

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THT, located in Gembloux, Belgium

Bacteria have been around for millennia. As human body is mainly composed by bacteria cells, our microbiome is a key to symbiosis and human health.

Metchnikoff has published in 1907 that live bacteria can also promote health. In 1954, the term “probiotics” with the Greek etymology meaning “FOR LIFE, was conceived by Ferdinand Vergin. In 1991, as a pioneer, THT was founded as a spin-off of a Belgian university (ULiège).

In 2001, world health organization and food agriculture organization (WHO/FAO) defined the probiotics actual concept as “live microorganisms which, when administrated in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host”.

In more than 30 years, THT, a Belgian company, became an expert in the selection and in the industrialization of microorganisms focused in probiotics for health application. With our R&D and decades of experience, we keep growing microorganisms with innovation and passion.

1991. The company is founded by Professor Thonart, who teaches in Université de Liège, in Belgium. Doing research with his students, he quickly understood the need and usefulness for the food industry to include bacteria in their manufacturing process.

2004. THT becomes part of the international group Puratos

2008. THT becomes the biotechnological branch of the world leader in phosphates, Prayon group. 

2014. THT is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 22000.

2021. THT needs more space and will celebrate its growth with the opening of a bigger building in Gembloux.

2022. THT is acquired by the Puratos Group. 

2022. THT becomes the Wellbeing and Gut Health center of the Puratos group.