The values of THT

Customer oriented: we commit to reach excellency for our customers by providing high end solutions, products, and services

Responsibility in food security: we commit to look constantly for ways to improve the security of the food chain by enforcing a HACCP plan as relevant as possible, depending on our resources. 

Open for dialog: We pursue an open dialog with all the relevant parties of the company.

Merit and diversity: we recruit people wishing to evolve in the company, and we put everything in place so that the workers can constantly improve their performances and personal qualities, independently of age, sex, nationality, or culture.

Creativity: We offer a work environment that stimulates creativity to generate new solutions.

Responsibility: We encourage the whole personnel to take on additional responsibilities.

Work/Life balance: We encourage a just balance between professional life and private life. 

Personal respect: we respect each individual as a member of the company. 

Our commitments 

THT commits to provide services and products of the highest quality as well as the best support. 

THT can become an actor with a significant position in the market of lactic acid bacteria, for probiotics as well as food starters. To reach this goal and ensure a long term future to the company, the team will look for efficiency and profitability.

To realize THT's vision for the future, we need to reach towards excellency in everything we do. We absolutely need to listen to the customer and the market, providing services and products of the highest quality, and the best support.

In a highly competitive market, innovation needs to be a permanent challenge. We commit to encourage the creativity of our people and the development of their skills through training. Recognition of performance and merit is an essential value on which the Direction will lean on to motivate and reward the staff. 

From this will of betterment in the risk management, the Management System is a determinating input. The implementation and the strict following of this system in every aspect of THT's operational activity are necessary to deploy action plans whose results can be verified and recognized. 

The respect of this commitment, as well as norms, laws, agreements, conventions, and contracts with partners and customers, is for THT a duty and the chosen way to ensure its perennial activity. 

THT's Direction has currently defined 7 axis of excellency to help advance in the realization of its mission. Those axis are:

  1. Promote  strictness, through the sense of responsibility, professional conscience, exemplarity, and respect of commitments. engagements

  2. Promote implication

  3. Promote innovation

  4. Promote constant improvement

  5. Promote skills, on a managerial level as well as technical level

  6. Promote the customer satisfaction

  7. Promote the risk management