Why THT? 

Unique in Belgium. 
Since 1991, THT produces microorganism strains with passion on an industrial level. 

+30 years of experience

+30 countries

+30 strains

+3000 formulations

+30 finished products

+30 packaging types

Professor Thonart, who founded the company, has been the first in Belgium to manufacture microbiological mass for the food industry. Over the time, THT has always gone further to provide solutions to its customers.

We have accumulated experience to produce in an industrial way a large array of probiotic strains present on the market. 

Probiotics are special ingredients, some of them are sporulated and very resistant, some are more fragile and need special handling instructions which we will transmit you. THT's mission is to be a biotechnology manufacturing company that provides living material to offer responsible solutions to the food industry, the food complement industry, the animal feed industry, and recently to the cosmetic industry. 

Our reputation is built around a unique know how to control the steps of selection and production. THT can provide probiotics in bulk or as finished products. THT's specific services include also personalized product development, technical support, and quality evaluation assistance. We guarantee the viability, quality and transparency.

THT: probiotics producer has receive the ISO 9001 et ISO 22000 certifications in 2014.

Since 2022, THT is part of the Puratos Group, and becoming the Wellbeing and Gut Health center of the Puratos Group. 

Working with THT allows you to have access to the strain producer directly, without the middleman, to develop your own product. 

We are globally present and we have acquired a lot of experience in the regulation and export aspects of international shipping.