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July 1, 2022 by
Marie-Aude Taton

What are Postbiotics?

Postbiotics is a new trendy ingredient. 

The term ‘postbiotic’ which is built from Latin “post” (after;behind) and Ancient Greek “bios” (life) has been proposed in analogy with the term PREBIOTIC.

The most recent definition of postbiotics has been established by the Internal Scientific Association for probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP):

“Preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confers a health benefit on the host”.

In general, people understand postbiotics are coming after the life of “probiotics” viable bacteria.  So “postbiotics” would come after the life of probiotics as metabolites, in other words, in a form of inanimate microorganisms’ components. 

Microorganism’s components are fragments of the cells such as cells wall, exoplysaccharids, free pili* or internal compounds that could be released by cellular lysis. But metabolites are not necessarily the results of dead cells.

* Pili are hair-like structures on the cell surface of prokaryotic cells. They can have a role in movement, but are more often involved in adherence to surfaces.

Why interest in postbiotics is growing? 

Health benefit reasons 

For many years we consider that, to be beneficial to our gut health, bacteria should be alive. 

Today, we have more and more studies proven scientist real-life health benefits to the host, even after bacteria’ death. 

In fact, Postbiotics could deliver beneficial molecules like lactic acid, acetic acid, etc. directly to your small and big intestine. 

Technical reasons 

Another reason is obviously technical. Alive microorganism stability issues for certain applications would be solved. 

THT postbiotics can be added to enriched food matrix preserving products stability by avoiding any undesired fermentation activities in the product. 

THT Postbiotics can handle varying pH levels and allow a three-year shelf life from its manufacture date. 

THT can inanimate any type of strains of its entire catalog.

THT can prepare full inanimated blends or suggest you special dualbiotic formula 

(PRO + POSTBIOTICS) for brand holders ‘s next food supplement.  

Find more information in our brochure, available for download below: 

Marie-Aude Taton July 1, 2022
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