THT - Probiotics & starter cultures


Our core business is the production of freeze-dried bacteria, either used alone or in blends of between two and 20 different bacteria. Most of our powders are dispatched in bulk (in aluminium bags inside shipping cartons).

Depending on our customers’ needs, they can also be made available in the form of capsules, sticks, tablets or sachets.

Packaging THT : Capsules   Packaging THT : Sticks   Packaging THT : Powder   Packaging THT : Sachets

The capsules, tablets or sachets can then be put into blister packs, jars, printed boxes, etc., for delivery in packaging that is ready for distribution.

Packaging THT : Blister packs   Packaging THT : Jars   Packaging THT : Printed boxes

Many food supplements using THT products can be found in pharmacies, specialist shops and supermarkets.